A marine survey is important to conduct prior to purchase of a vessel. The marine surveys conducted by Sun Coast are extensive, thorough, and provide information that will help you determine the value of the vessel you are considering for purchase.  Click on the sample surveys above to review information we may cover on your survey.

A marine survey is also important in helping to understand the current safety or sea worthiness of a vessel. 

Sun Coast is:

  • ABYC Certified
  • SAMS member
  • Highly experienced in FLIR

Sample marine surveys may include thermal imaging, marine engine diagnostics, sea trials, and much more.  Marine surveys should supply you with a detailed description of the vessel.  A good marine survey should let you know if accessible parts are damaged, in working order, or in need of repair. We’ve included sample marine surveys for your review on this page.  Seeing what is covered on a report also helps you, the purchaser, know what to look for and understand what potential costs you may have when buying the vessel you’re interested in.  Our marine surveys could potentially save you thousands of dollars by identifying issues prior to a purchase. 

Ultimately, a Sun Coast Marine Survey will assist you in valuation, safety, and potential repairs you may encounter upon purchase of your next vessel. Our marine surveys help you know before you buy.