Professional Marine Surveys Servicing Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina Marine SurveyorMarine Surveys Charleston, SC.

Good is not enough.  At Sun Coast we provide High Quality, Professional, and thorough marine surveys Charleston residents expect when purchasing a power or sailing vessel.

Our marine surveys help you know before you buy, helping you to identify potential issues and strengths of the vessel you’re about to purchase. Sun Coast is the marine surveyor Charleston trusts for performing pre-purchase vessel assessments for prospective owners.  We conduct marine surveys on powerboats, sailboats, and larger vessels. 

Performing above the expected standards in the boating industry is what we are about. We conduct surveys and services in Charleston, in surrounding areas, and throughout the state of South Carolina and can also provide surveys and services throughout the United States and the Caribbean and internationally.


We offer a variety of services that include:

  • Pre-purchase, appraisal, insurance, damage, thermal imaging, ultrasonic, and consultation services
  • Sailing or power boats or yachts
  • Report is typically sent via email within 1 to 3 business days after the survey (some exceptions may apply)

Sun Coast provides marine surveys Charleston boaters trust.  Our marine surveys help you know before you buy. SAMS member and ABYC certified, our process for marine surveys typically includes thermal imaging, marine engine diagnostics, and more.  Review our sample marine surveys which will make you appreciate the lengths we go to in helping you understand the pros and cons and value of the vessel you wish to purchase. 

Thermal imaging and marine engine diagnostics are an important part of understanding the potential issues and values of a vessel prior to purchase. Sun Coast Marine Surveying & Consulting also provides insurance marine surveys on power and sailing vessels.

Our Charleston marine surveyors are expert in reviewing vessels. We service Charleston, Atlantic Beach, Bryceville, Orange Park, Ruskin, Sarasota, and many more surrounding areas.  We come to you. Contact us today to schedule your marine survey.